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South Africa has a relatively high degree of economic openness and good infrastructure. The industrial system is the most complete in Africa

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South Africa's mineral resources

South Africa has a relatively high degree of economic openness and good infrastructure. The industrial system is the most complete in Africa, and its per capita living standard is among the best in Africa. South Africa is rich in mineral resources and is one of the five largest mineral countries in the world. Mining is the mainstay of the South African economy, and deep mining technology is among the highest in the world.

South Africa is famous for its rich mineral resources. There are more than 70 kinds of minerals with proven reserves and mining. The reserves of gold, platinum group metals, manganese, vanadium, chromium and aluminosilicate rank first in the world, among which gold reserves It accounts for 60% of the world, vermiculite, zirconium, titanium and fluorsite rank second, phosphate and bismuth rank fourth, uranium and lead rank fifth, coal and zinc rank eighth, and iron ore ranks ninth. The copper ranks fourteenth. The reserves of diamonds, asbestos, copper, vanadium, uranium, coal, iron, titanium, mica and lead are also extremely rich. The output of gold, diamonds, vanadium, manganese, chromium, antimony, uranium and asbestos is among the highest in the world. Rich resources, cheap labor, and advanced management make South Africa the most developed economy in Africa today. The mining, manufacturing, construction and energy sectors are the four major sectors of South Africa's industry. Mineral exports account for about 50% of export revenue, and about 12% of the country's workforce is engaged in mining. Proved reserves: 36,000 tons of gold (40.1% of the world's total reserves, the same below), 70,000 tons (87.7%) of platinum group metals, 15 billion tons (83%) of manganese, 12 million tons of vanadium (32%) ), 80 million tons (40%) of meteorites, 8 billion tons (81%) of chromium, 341,000 tons (7.2%) of uranium, 27.981 billion tons (6.1%) of coal, and 1.5 billion tons (0.9%) of iron ore. Titanium 244 million tons (16.9%), zirconium 14 million tons (19.4%), fluorspar 80 million tons (16.7%), phosphate 2.5 billion tons (5.0%), 锑200,000 tons (4.7%), lead 3 million Tons (2.0%), zinc 15 million tons (3.3%), and copper 13 million tons (1.4%).


It is very important to buy a Raymond machine to choose a manufacturer

It is very important to purchase a Raymond machine to choose a manufacturer. You must visit the factory and look at the production line and Raymond machine equipment. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of Raymond machine equipment, and the level is also uneven. It is also crucial to choose a manufacturer with a good after-sales service. Therefore, it is recommended that customers have the necessary on-site inspection. You can have a more comprehensive understanding of the basic process of ore production, the model, performance and specifications of the ash-calcium mill equipment, which is in line with your own ore type. For the different manufacturers of milling equipment, the scope of use, technical parameters, working environment needs, equipment models and so on. It is necessary to remind customers that with the increase in the prices of raw materials such as steel and other mechanical equipment, Raymond machine equipment also has a rising price.

Then analyze and summarize your own production needs, what kind of raw materials, what kind of finished products are needed, and also consider the characteristics of your own mines, and make detailed details on the production of finished mines, the scale to be achieved, and the expected benefits. planning. Summarize the possible problems in the middle of the production process, and always pay attention to the problems, so as to avoid problems in the operation of your own equipment. It is also necessary to consult the provider for routine maintenance of the milling equipment.

As we all know, due to the different materials and process methods of mineral processing, the selected Raymond machine equipment is also a wide variety, different types, and the role of different Raymond machine equipment is also a common problem that plagues everyone, the above is SBM for everyone The method of purchasing Raymond machine equipment, the environment everyone to visit the factory.

How to buy Raymond Mill

For customers who have just met Raymond mills, how do you choose to buy a satisfactory Raymond mill? Gongyi Yuxin Machinery gives you some suggestions.

First, we should examine several manufacturers and have a new and deep understanding of Raymond mills. We can also explain the quality, reputation, and feedback from customers from the side.

Second, visit the factory's factory to see the production status of the workshop, the inventory of finished machines and the level of operation of the workers.

Third, it is best to visit customers who have purchased Raymond mills and visit the production site because the scene is the most convincing and authoritative.

Fourth, choose the model based on the output that you need. When signing the contract with the manufacturer, try to read the order contract as much as possible to avoid unnecessary disputes after signing.

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