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The characteristics and uses of marble are mainly: mainly used for processing into various shapes and plates, as walls, floors, platforms and columns of buildings

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marble crusher powder plant for sale

Marble is a kind of ore with high hardness. Its chemical properties are relatively stable. It is generally used as a building material in the construction field. Moreover, marble ore is also suitable for various industries such as industry, machinery, metallurgy, building materials and road construction.

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The characteristics and uses of marble are mainly: mainly used for processing into various shapes and plates, as walls, floors, platforms and columns of buildings, and also used for materials such as monuments, towers and statues. Marble can also be carved into practical art such as arts and crafts, stationery, lamps and utensils. The texture is soft, beautiful and solemn, and elegant in style. It is an ideal material for decorating luxury buildings and a traditional material for art carving.

With the development of the economy, especially in the past 10 years, large-scale mining, industrial processing, and international trade have made decorative panels enter the building decoration industry in large quantities, not only for luxurious public buildings, but also for families. decoration.


Marble is also used extensively to make beautiful utensils such as furniture, lamps, smoking and art carvings. Some can also be used as alkali resistant materials. Crushed stone and corner residual materials produced during mining and processing are also commonly used in the production of artificial stone, terrazzo, stone rice and stone powder, and can be used as fillers in coatings, plastics, rubber and other industries.

The main working component of the PC series marble pulverizer produced is a rotor with a hammerhead. The rotor consists of a main shaft, a disc, a pin, and a hammer. The motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed in the crushing chamber. The material is fed into the machine from the upper feed port, and is crushed by the impact, impact, shearing and grinding action of the hammer head at high speed.

In the lower part of the rotor of the pulverizer, a sieve plate is arranged, and the material smaller than the mesh size in the pulverized material is removed through the sieve plate, and the material larger than the mesh size is retained on the sieve plate and continues to be struck and ground by the hammer, and then passed through the sieve. The board is excluded from the machine.

Characteristics of marble crusher: The marble crusher produced by the company has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, large crushing ratio, small crushing, uniform product size and high production capacity. It is suitable for crushing brittle, medium-hard, and compressive strength of 150MPa.

Why does the marble crusher roll skin wear seriously?

The roll skin is a consumable part of the marble crusher and plays a vital role in the production process. After long-term crushing work, the roller skin will have different degrees of wear, which directly affects the production efficiency of the marble crusher. However, why does the marble crusher roll skin wear seriously in the middle, and both sides are fine? When the roll skin of the marble crusher is worn, the surface of the roll skin is not cylindrical, forming a concave profile with two large heads and a small middle. At this time, the larger block or the mud group may pass through the worn notch, and the broken effect is not obtained.

The roller of the marble crusher is usually composed of a roller skin, a roller core and a shaft. The shaft drives the roller core to rotate, and the roller skin directly acts on the material. The contact surface between the roller surface and the shaft center is a conical surface, and the shaft and the shaft are keyed. Fastened together, the roller cover is fastened on the roller core with bolts and nuts. This forms a double roll. The quality of the marble crusher roll skin determines the hardness or wear resistance of the largest material. Why does a seemingly identical marble crusher roll skin have such a big difference in price?

What is the quality of the marble crusher roll skin, the thickness is not used, this is the title that customers often care about. Marble crusher roll skin classification: high-grid composite roll skin, multi-alloy wear-resistant ball iron roll skin, cast steel outer pile wear-resistant roll skin, gray cast iron roll skin, surface white cast iron. The marble crusher rolls are all manganese steel roll skins. Manganese steel is also divided into many types, including manganese 8, manganese 10, manganese 13, and manganese 16. The same is usually used for manganese 13 and the value of manganese 16 is high. The same environment usually does not bear high value, the thickness is 8 cm.

In order to guarantee the service life of the alloy roll skin, it is usually made of synthetic steel, and the roll core is directly cast from pig iron. The roll surface is preferably composed of several rings to change the position after wear. The feed of the marble crusher should enter continuously and evenly along the entire length of the roll surface. This can reduce the unevenness of the roll surface wear, and periodically move the roller a certain distance in the axial direction (once per shift), so that the roll surface usage period can be extended several times.

The groove on the roll surface due to uneven wear can be flattened with a special turning tool or with a grinding machine, or it can be cut by electric welding or gas welding. If the roll surface is composed of several rings, the replacement position can be used to change the ring with more severe wear to a lighter place, so that the purpose of using the extension and uniformity of the product size can be achieved.

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