Three functions and maintenance tips of hydraulic system of cone crusher

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Three functions and maintenance tips of hydraulic system of cone crusherCone crusher has very wide application in mine production because of its high crushing e

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Three functions and maintenance tips of hydraulic system of cone crusher

Cone crusher has very wide application in mine production because of its high crushing efficiency, low maintenance cost and large output. From a general perspective, cone crushers are divided into spring cone crushers and hydraulic cone crushers, which can be used for the production of medium and fine crushing of high hardness materials.

The hydraulic system of the hydraulic cone crusher is very powerful, and has the characteristics of small size, light weight, easy installation, fast response speed and high controllability. Correct maintenance and maintenance are the conditions to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the hydraulic system of the cone crusher. This article shares how to properly maintain the hydraulic system of the hydraulic cone crusher.

Discharge port adjustment

During normal operation, the spindle oil cylinder is filled or drained with a hydraulic oil pump to move the spindle up or down, the distance between the rolling mortar wall and the broken wall is reduced or increased, and the size of the discharge port is adjusted.

Over iron and clear cavity

When there is an unbreakable foreign body passing through the crushing chamber or the machine is overloaded for some reason, the hydraulic safety system realizes the safety, hydraulic oil is injected into the accumulator, the main shaft falls, the discharge port is increased, the foreign body is discharged from the crushing chamber, the accumulator will remove Press back, the crusher is running normally. If the foreign body gets stuck in the mine outlet, the cavity clearing system can be used to further increase the mine outlet and make the foreign body exit the crushing chamber. Under the action of the hydraulic system, the ore outlet is automatically reset and the machine resumes normal operation.


Lock the fixed cone on the adjustment ring to prevent the fixed cone from rotating when breaking ore. Lift the locking ring, adjust the positioning bolt on the ring to control the lifting distance.

How do we properly maintain the hydraulic system of the cone crusher?

Keep the inside of the cone crusher clean

Ore processing produces more dust, so it is necessary to pay attention to the removal of dust during use, and also to prevent water from entering the hydraulic oil.

Keep the hydraulic system clean

It is recommended to use the same type of hydraulic oil for cleaning, otherwise, the cone crusher may be damaged.

Change hydraulic oil

It should be noted that the filter must be used when adding hydraulic oil, and the filter must also be clean. Appropriate when refueling, you need to follow the specified oil level range.

Pay attention to the replacement time of hydraulic oil

The suggestion is to replace the cone crusher shortly after the machine shuts down, while the hydraulic oil is still hot, which is conducive to draining out the oil and sediment, and then injecting new hydraulic oil.

From the above maintenance matters, we see that the replacement of hydraulic oil plays a very important role in the maintenance of the hydraulic system of the cone crusher. So, how to judge whether the hydraulic oil should be replaced? Mainly look at "three major elements":

The degree of oxidation. Normally, the color of new hydraulic oil will be relatively light, without obvious odor, but with the extension of use time, long-term high temperature oxidation can deepen the color of hydraulic oil. It is accompanied by an odor indicating that the oil has been oxidized and a new oil needs to be replaced.

Water content. The water content of the hydraulic oil of the cone crusher will affect its lubrication performance. When a large amount of water enters the hydraulic oil, because the water and oil do not melt, a turbid mixture will form during mixing. At this time, we need to replace the hydraulic oil to avoid affecting the performance of the cone crusher.

Impurity content. During the working process of the cone crusher, due to the continuous collision and the grinding between the components, it is easy to produce debris, which will inevitably enter the hydraulic oil. If the hydraulic oil contains a lot of impurities, not only will the quality deteriorate, but also the components of the cone crusher may be damaged. Therefore, after using the hydraulic oil for a period of time, we must pay attention to check the content of impurities in the hydraulic oil.

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