How does a Raymond mill work?

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How does a Raymond mill work?As a milling equipment, Raymond mill is widely used and can also be called suspension roller mill. Because of its low price, large

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How does a Raymond mill work?

As a milling equipment, Raymond mill is widely used and can also be called suspension roller mill. Because of its low price, large output and uniform fineness, it is widely recognized by people. This article will introduce the Raymond mill of Shibang Group, from the combination of internal components to the role played by each component, fully show the working performance of Raymond mill and its advantages, to help everyone better understand Raymond The working principle of the mill makes it easier to identify the quality of the mill equipment.

In the whole milling production line, the production of powder needs to be run completely with the help of other related equipment. When the size of the original material is large, it cannot be directly put into the mill. It should be fed into the crusher (Ebro or Counter-breaking equipment, etc.), the material is processed to match the feed size of the mill. The material enters the Raymond mill, and the specific process flow is elevator-storage hopper-host grinding room-blower-powder collector. The main function of the elevator is to send the materials to the storage hopper in an orderly manner. The blade in the chamber is responsible for scooping up the material and sending it between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. The material is pulverized vigorously by the pressure of the swing of the two and the pressure of the extrusion. The finished product is reprocessed according to the above process if it does not meet the requirements. It can be seen that the various working links of the Raymond mill are very tightly connected, which can guarantee the quality of the finished product to a certain extent, and prevent the phenomenon of unqualified size of the finished product and more impurities.

In summary, the performance and advantages of the Raymond mill are obvious. The more obvious performance is the high and uniform fineness of the finished product. In addition, the Raymond mill of the Shibang Group has the characteristics of high quality and high standards. The components in the internal structure are processed with high-quality raw materials, which has excellent wear resistance, which greatly reduces the frequency and time of customer maintenance and replacement of wear parts.

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