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50+ Lecturer Team

We provide comprehensive trainings for the technicians of each project. We can also continue to provide support for the technicians during latter project operation. Tracking utilization results of equipment is also the responsibility of the training lecturers to ensure smooth operation of projects. The trainings include :

Systematic trainingInstallation
Equipment introduction Equipment maintenance Trouble judgment & removal Equipment operation Core components Spare
Manufacturing techniques Material processing

Complete Procedure--- from Order to Machine Delivery

Division Of Labor Makes Us More Professional

SBM has established a complete management system from initial consultation, solution design, on-site visit, machine preparation and shipment to after-sales feedback, to effectively ensure rapid and timely transmission of information so that the specialized services and technical supports can be provided by the correct persons at the correct time.

Four Steps Ensuring Safety And Efficiency Of Machine Preparation And Shipment

Keeping in mind a Chinese old saying that “Jade must be cut and chiseled to make it a useful ware” (a person must be disciplined and educated to be a useful citizen), SBM has always been upholding the spirit of craftsman at every stage, especially for the stages of machine preparation and shipment.

Specialty Installation & Commissioning Ensuring Successful Acceptance Of Production Line

Depending on customers' needs, SBM's installation engineers can provide on-site guidance in infrastructure construction, equipment installation and commissioning, as well as trial operation of entire production line. If technical items meet the design criteria, the customer will sign the certificate of conformity.

Quality Warranty

Complaint Handling System Ensuring Rapid And Proper Handling Of Complaints

For complaints about production line operation from customers, we undertake to complete problem identification and solution offering within 24 hours, and solve the problem within 3/10 days for domestic/foreign customers.