New jaw crusher energy saving prospects for a better future2019-09-02 09:43:47

Summary:The world economy is in rapid development momentum forward in this process, the global energy crisis and growing environmental, green has become the main theme of social development, the industry has a profound understanding.

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Energy saving imperative

The world economy is in rapid development momentum forward in this process, the global energy crisis and growing environmental, green has become the main theme of social development, the industry has a profound understanding: repeat the past that high consumption, high pollution, extensive development of low efficiency, no longer meet the current situation, while the state has adopted the policy also increased the high energy consumption and high pollution industry regulation and control, energy conservation and environmental protection will occupy an increasingly important role in the transformation of economic development.

In order to alleviate environmental degradation harm, the state began promoting low-carbon economy, energy conservation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions targets, and build low energy consumption, low pollution, low-emission-based economic development, and the introduction of relevant policies, restrictions inefficient high pollution of small businesses, to encourage efficient energy-saving and environmental protection advantages of enterprises. Therefore, to develop new, energy-saving and environmental protection market fragmentation is imperative.

Since the "second five" plan to stimulate the many good national policy, not only deepens the Jaw Crusher enterprise energy saving awareness, but also for the industry to carry out the supply of a broad platform.

Jaw crusher promising energy saving

For a long time, not only the Crusher Machine gives the impression: dirty, chaotic, poor, dust everywhere. And energy saving crusher sounds nothing to do, but to carefully analyze the concept of energy saving, you will find by running focus on environmental protection, reduce pollution, the crusher industry in energy conservation is also promising.

Because the operating costs of new environmentally friendly energy-saving equipment is with the size of the industry and technological progress and rapidly reduced. Cost reduction, and mining investors more willing to buy affordable, reliable and quality energy-saving equipment as the preferred device put into operation.

The development trend of China's crushing machine market is already saturated crusher production, energy saving and the development of a new type of crusher market is a "Blue Ocean." Seize the opportunity, and for their own future development of the industry, are of great significance and positive impact.

In recent years, with the increasing production of sand and gravel, construction waste disposal equipment demand is also increasing, jaw crusher demand will be developed, which means that the future will also increase the energy consumption and emissions, jaw broken energy saving is the trend of development of the industry.

Jaw crusher energy saving innovation is the key

Of the energy saving project planning include: energy efficiency: motor system energy saving, energy system optimization, waste heat and pressure utilization, saving alternative to oil, energy saving, green lighting and other energy-saving projects, as well as energy-saving technology industrialization demonstration projects, energy-saving products benefit civil engineering, contract energy management projects and to promote energy-saving capacity-building projects; reducing emissions: promoting urban sewage treatment facilities and supporting pipe network construction, renovation of existing facilities to improve, enhance nitrogen and phosphorus removal, and vigorously promote sludge treatment and disposal, to strengthen the focus Basin area integrated pollution control.

Strong technical support is necessary for jaw crusher energy saving. And responsive to national Twelfth Five energy saving requirements for the low carbon economy and energy conservation requirements, always based on the green, low-carbon business philosophy, but also the future of one of the broken equipment main direction of development.

Jaw crusher, high yield, low production costs, the material in the crushing process, has an unparalleled advantage. After decades of rapid development, the speed crusher equipment fast, to adapt to the vagaries of the market stone crusher, jaw crusher being complete industrial chain and increase technological innovation.

Therefore, enterprises to introduce foreign advanced production technology and experience, development and production of high-quality, environment-friendly crushing equipment, but also to insist on self-development, innovative technology initiative in their own hands.

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