The installation and maintenance of vertical roller mill2019-09-02 09:18:31

Summary:Installation and maintenance of vertical roller mill is very important for the life and forthputting of mill equipment..

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Installation and maintenance of vertical roller mill is very important for the life and forthputting of mill equipment.

vertical roller mill installation:

1. the unit ought to become placed on an amount concrete foundation with anchors.

2. cellular telephone need to give consideration towards the principal physique horizontal and vertical.

3. following the installation look for loose bolts as well as other areas on the doorways really feel at ease host , if asked for to tighten.

4. according to the configuration of power gear, utility lines and manage switches.

5. checked, empty load test, test the normal production.

vertical roller mill maintenance:

1. Bearing shoulder the entire load in the machine, so terrific lube for that bearing existence in the good partnership, it directly affects the existence as well as the operation price of vertical roller mill thus needing the injection of oil really should be clean, seal needs to be great, the device The key oiling Workplace, turning bearings, roller bearings, all gears, activities bearings, sliding plane.

2. recently installed tires vulnerable to helping to loosen must often be looked into.

3. Observe that every single region with the machine is functioning appropriately.

4. Note look into the place on put on components, give consideration towards the alternative of worn components.

5. discharge in the active device chassis plane is going out dust as well as other components to become able to steer clear with the machine couldn't have damaged material occasions impact on the underside shelf cannot move, as a way to result in a critical accident.

6. bearing temperature rise, the reason why ought to become removed straight away stopped and checked.

7. Turn the apparatus functioning ought to become straight away stopped when the impact in the seem check and remove.

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