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Summary:Nowadays, the concept of mobile mining has been well accepted by many gold producers, especially for those gold investors who do not have enough capital to expand their mining scale..

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Quarry Equipment Gold Processing Machine

Nowadays, the concept of mobile mining has been well accepted by many gold producers, especially for those gold investors who do not have enough capital to expand their mining scale. Since the foundation day of Shanghai SBM, we always have been paying much attention to innovating our product design and quality. To meet customers¡¯ needs is our constant pursuit. As a professional supplier of gold mining equipment, in recent years, SBM have developed our own mobile gold mining equipment, here are our products.

Mobile Gold ore Crushing Plant

Portable crusher plant, also named as mobile gold ore crusher, always integrates the crushing, sorting and conveying in a machine. The mobile crusher overcomes the restraining factors of crushing site and complex basic configurations. Due to its flexibility and automaticity, mobile gold ore crushing plants have a wide application for mineral processing. After years¡¯ constant exploration, mobile gold ore crusher of SBM can be 100% hydraulic with no elextricity neesed. And our systems are directly by world-level hydraulica motor with no belt or chain drives for shaker weight, which means even fewer mechanical parts or break down. Of course, we also have mobile gold ore crushing plant adopting electricity motor.

Mobile Gold Washing Plant

Gold ore washing plant is very suitable for placer gold mining. As we know, placer mining is suitable for processing gold deposits found in alluvial deposits¡ªdeposits of sand and gravel in modern or ancient stream beds, or occasionally glacial deposits. Typically, working conditions of placer gold mining quarry are not very ideal for stationary mining equipment. However, SBM¡¯s mobile gold washing plant can eliminate those obstacles of placer gold mining. Units of gold washing plant are mounted on wheeled chassis or skid bases which can be erected and operated very close to the mining area. In terms of capacity, our mobile gold washing plants are able to handle between 30 tons and 300 tons of material per hour. Each washing plant has three proportionated sized sluice boxes utilizing three different riffle designs to optimize gold recovery in all conditions.

Mobile Concentration Plant

In modern gold mining industry, mobile concentration plant is usually used in small and medium gold quarry. In the process of gold mining, gold, being of such high density, when put into motion, it¡¯s extremely difficult to slow down, let alone to stop and capture. Simple physics states that once the heavy or dense body is put into movement its kinetic energy, once in motion, acts to keep the body moving. In that case, conventional concentrator cannot logically recover any great percentage of gold. However, SBM¡¯s mobile concentration plants have solved this technical problem. Meanwhile, each mobile concentration plant adopts the high-quality concentrator, which can improve the mining efficiency significantly.

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