Ultra-fine mill is the ideal model at home and abroad2019-09-02 11:04:45

Summary:When the operation site of the ultra-fine mill is not installed, it should be kept properly. The exposed surface must be coated with anti-rust grease and avoid sun and rain, in order to prevent the body from rusting into the water, and establish a mainten.

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When the operation site of the ultrafine mill is not installed, it should be kept properly. The exposed surface must be coated with anti-rust grease and avoid sun and rain, in order to prevent the body from rusting into the water, and establish a maintenance system.

The plant and foundation should be installed according to the size of the ultrafine mill. The size of the foundation should have sufficient height and installation position. The super-fine grinding foundation should be made of high-standard cement and must be embedded with steel to cast the foundation, and the pipeline or cable trench should be buried. After the cement foundation is poured, there must be a 15-day maintenance period. For the ultra-fine mill from the factory to the use time of more than 6 months, the main shaft system of the main engine, the transmission device, the grinding roller device, the analysis oil pool should be cleaned and inspected. After the cleaning inspection, sufficient lubricating oil should be added to each component.

The ultra-fine grinding machine adopts measures such as thyristor power supply, AC frequency conversion speed regulation, grease centralized lubrication, shock absorption, etc., and has equipment for condition monitoring and automatic control of microcomputer. Among them, the high reliability needs to be studied through the rationalization of the mechanical principle to enhance the wear resistance of the grinding ring, the lower gland, and the like, and improve the lubrication of the machine before the next bearing in the continuous working state. Automatic condition monitoring and automated control require the addition of a highly intelligent electronic control system inside the ultra-fine mill to automatically control the ingress and egress, grinding, and quantification of materials.

The ultra-fine mill production line can fully improve the working efficiency of workers and equipment tooling. The raw materials pass through a series of processing to complete the user's demand. The production activity route is the production line. Today's ultra-fine powder grinding machine production The activity is called the ultra-fine grinding machine production line. It is a production line equipment specially designed for ore milling. How to configure the ultra-fine grinding machine production line becomes a problem that users care about. The ultra-fine grinding machine has an effective volume increase, which can process more materials per unit time, improves the production capacity of the equipment, is more stable during the operation, reduces vibration and prolongs the service life of the equipment.

The ultra-fine grinding machine has a small footprint, which facilitates the operation and maintenance of the user in production, making the production of the user more time-saving and labor-saving. Compared with the market's ultra-fine micro-powder mill equipment, it is more energy efficient, saving users more than 100,000 yuan in fuel costs per year. The matching scheme of the ultra-fine mill production line gives the user the biggest advantage is to simplify the production process. In the production process, the powder production line we often see in the market has three stages and four stages to complete the whole production. Now these The production process is simplified to two-stage production and crushing. This design not only reduces the main equipment, but also reduces the feeding belt conveyor between the ultra-fine mill equipment and the milling equipment and the operation of these equipments. Electricity consumption, wear parts loss, etc.

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