1250-2500 mesh calcite powder Which kind of superfine flour mill is chosen?2019-09-02 10:53:31

Summary:1250-2500 Calcite Fine Powder Which type of ultrafine mill is chosen? Everyone knows that calcite powder can be used as industrial raw materials for ch.

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1250-2500 mesh calcite powder Which kind of superfine flour mill is chosen?

1250-2500 Calcite Fine Powder Which type of ultrafine mill is chosen? Everyone knows that calcite powder can be used as industrial raw materials for chemical industry, cement, etc. It can also be used as a filler additive in plastics, paper, toothpaste, food, and can also be applied Cosmetics, but most of these applications can only be achieved after the use of calcite for deep processing. The common fineness of calcite powder deep processing is 1250-2500 mesh. Such fine calcite powder requires ultra-fine pulverizer for processing. Which type of ultrafine mill is suitable?

There are many kinds of mills that can process calcite in the milling industry, and the fineness varies according to the different application fields of calcite. Different fineness requirements require the selection of different flour mills. The common ore mills on the market include coarse powder mills with fineness of 0-80 mesh, Raymond Mills with 80-325 mesh, high-pressure suspension mills with 40-425 mesh, and high pressure powders with 500-2500 mesh. Mills and HGM series powder mills can be used for the latter two types of ore ultrafine powder processing. These two types of mills not only improve the fineness of finished products on the basis of the original mills, but also make a great improvement in environmental protection and energy conservation, satisfying the fineness requirements of customers, and more in line with the existing environmental protection concepts of the country. , is currently the most suitable for China's non-metallic mineral processing industry demand for ultra-fine powder vertical mill.

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The main equipment of a complete calcite ultrafine powder production line is micropowder pulverizer. The micropowder pulverizer is mainly composed of a main machine, a blower, an ultra-fineness analyzer, a finished cyclone powder collector, a bag filter, and connecting pipes. The equipment can be used with auxiliary equipment such as elevators, storage bins, electric control cabinets, crushers, and feeders, depending on customer requirements. The roller assembly of the ultra-fine powder mill is suspended on the roller hanger through a cross-arm shaft. The roller hanger is fixedly connected with the main shaft and the blade holder, and the pressure spring is tightly pressed against the roller bearing chamber by the tension bar. At the outer end of the cantilever, the crossarm axis serves as the support point. Under the action of the spring pressure, the grinding roller and the grinding ring are pressed tightly and the finest can reach 3500 mesh.

The high-pressure micropulverizers and HGM series micropowder mills that can meet the fineness requirements of 1250-2500 mesh are high-efficiency micromills that SBM mill experts have devoted themselves to developing. They can be used not only to process calcite, but also to process limestone. Barite, coal gangue, kaolin, talc, fluorspar, coke, aluminum hydroxide, pigments, clay and more than 500 kinds of materials. The material size below 25mm does not require crushing and can be directly processed into the machine. Its advantages have been very significant.

1250-2500 Calcite Fine Powder Which Ultrafine Mill to Choose? The above explanation by SBM Xiaobian has already been understood. If you are interested in high-pressure micropowder mill and HGM series micropowder mill or ultra-fine mill price, you are welcome to call SBM Customer Service Department. We will arrange for professionals to professionalize your knowledge and recommend for you. The most profitable mill production line with the lowest investment.

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