Ultrafine mill with air mill comparable2019-09-02 10:49:46

Summary:Ultrafine mill, also known as ultrafine mill, micro-mill, Ultrafine mill, high-efficiency micro-mill, is SBM mining machine technology experts in accordance with the principle of fluid mechanics, Raymond mill technology based on long-term practice test De.

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Ultrafine mill with air mill comparable

Ultrafine mill, also known as ultrafine mill, micro-mill, ultrafine mill, high-efficiency micro-mill, is SBM mining machine technology experts in accordance with the principle of fluid mechanics, Raymond mill technology based on long-term practice test Developed with great concentration, comparable with the jet mill.

Ultrafine mill absorbs the advanced fineness grading technology, which solves the problem of high cost of using domestic jet mill and solves the difficulty of classification of Ultrafine powder. SBM ultra-fine grinding higher output, lower energy consumption, not only to meet the national standards, but also leapt to the advanced level in the industry, much of the praise of users in various industries. Commonly used in the field of mining, building materials, metallurgy, chemical and other mineral materials grinding processing areas, such as calcium carbonate grinding, gypsum powder processing, power plant desulfurization, non-metallic mineral milling, coal preparation and other projects.

Ultrafine grinding machine is mainly suitable for grinding and grinding below 6 levels, including kaolin, limestone, calcite, marble, barite, gypsum, gypsum, iron oxide, iron oxide green, aluminum hydroxide, pigment, clay, coal, activated carbon , Feldspar, calcite, talc, dolomite, barite, marble, limestone, carbon black, clay and other materials more than 500 kinds of materials processing ultrafine powder. Ultrafine mill mainly by the host, blower, ultra-fineness analysis machine, finished product cyclone dust collector, bag filter and connecting duct and other components. According to customer needs, the scene can also be selectively equipped with bucket elevator, storage silos, electric control cabinet, vibrating feeder, jaw crusher and other auxiliary equipment. Material is crushed by the elevator into the storage silo, and then by the vibrating feeder evenly into the host mill room, shovel after the blade into the grinding roller and grinding ring was rubbed between the rolling. The fan blows the wind into the grinding chamber, blows the powder into the analysis machine, performs the wind selection, fails to reach the fineness and falls back into the heavy grinding, and the qualified fine powder enters the finished cyclone powder collector with the air flow, separates from the air Exit is the finished product. The material contains a certain amount of moisture, grinding will produce a certain amount of water vapor, and the entire pipeline because the seal is not absolutely tight resulting in some external gas is inhaled, the system increases the amount of circulating air, to ensure that the mill work under negative pressure, excess air volume Into the bag filter cleaned into the atmosphere.

ultrafine mill

In the grinding chamber of the ultrafine mill, the grinding roller assembly is hung on the grinding roller hanger through the cross arm shaft, the grinding roller hanger is fixedly connected with the main shaft and the blade holder, the pressure spring is tightly pressed against the grinding roller by the tension rod, The outer end of the cantilever of the bearing chamber is supported by the cross arm shaft and pressed against the inner surface of the grinding ring by the spring pressure. When the motor rotates through the transmission device, the blade mounted on the blade holder rotates synchronously with the grinding roller, and the grinding roller rotates around itself while rolling on the inner surface of the grinding ring. Ultrafine mill drives the analyzer impeller through motor drive. The analysis of the rotation speed determines the fineness of the powder.

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