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Summary:All raw materials need to pass the grinding of the product, so that its quality or product quality improvement or the development of derivative varieties, improve economic efficiency, all without exception, the raw material for high fine grinding (or ultr.

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SBM mill to promote the continuous development of the cement industry

All raw materials need to pass the grinding of the product, so that its quality or product quality improvement or the development of derivative varieties, improve economic efficiency, all without exception, the raw material for high fine grinding (or ultra-fine grinding), and will receive Immediate effect. Application of ultrafine mill, laid the foundation for this need, can promote the development of ultrafine grinding products. Cement industry, but also the use of ultra-fine grinding technology, digging the potential of cement production, upgrading the cement label, the development of high-strength cement, special cement and more varieties of cement. Effective utilization of industrial waste, so that a new look of products, non-metallic mineral products to deep processing, improve product quality, and the development of high-grade new building materials, is a crucial means. Single from the cement industry, ultrafine mill application engineering is very large. Application of ultrafine grinding machine can improve the relationship between the specific surface area of ​​cement and strength, can be directly produced special cement to solve the problem of poor cement stability, high free calcium (more than 5%) shaft clinker cement, through Ultrafine grinding calcium tourmaline easy to digest, stability can be on schedule qualified, shorten the inventory cycle, improve capital turnover. Effective use of industrial waste residue, improve product quality.

ultrafine mill

It can be seen, the great role of ultrafine mill. In recent years, the high fine grinding slag 400 ~ 450m2 / kg specific surface area, mixed with Portland cement or ordinary cement mixing in concrete to improve the performance of concrete, reducing the amount of cement used for more than 50%. Also play a huge role. The importance of ultrafine grinding of raw materials, the substantial improvement of product quality, the multiplication of varieties, the extraordinary role of energy-saving tapping potentials to turning waste into treasure, with vivid reality, golden examples are presented in front of us, Show superfine mill in an important position in the national economy.

SBM mill environmentally friendly energy-saving low-carbon road

With the increasing shortage of energy in the world, increasing pollution load of waste water and the increasingly complicated types of pollutants in wastewater, people's awareness of environmental protection and the continuous improvement of their requirements urgently require the development of new and efficient equipment for environmental management. According to the analysis of experts, In 2010, the national investment in environmental protection will account for 1.7% of GNP in the same period and the market demand for environmental protection machinery will be about 320 billion yuan. The hydrocyclone has the advantages of high separation efficiency, compact device, simple operation, easy maintenance, The advantages of small area and so on, both for environmental protection, or for reducing operating costs are of great significance, has been in various fields of environmental engineering has been widely industrialized applications.

Under the new call for "environmental protection and energy conservation" put forward by the state, how to reduce the pollution to the environment as low as possible in industrial production has become a question that various industries are thinking when promoting low-carbon energy-saving living. Various manufacturers in the field of differentiation are trying to develop an environmentally friendly milling machine, the equipment yield and performance also put forward higher requirements; and the emergence of SBM new generation of milling machine, just solve the environmental protection and product take into account The problem. Sea SBM Machinery Co., Ltd., long-term focus on the field of differential grinding equipment, with its simple and convenient operation, through the high rate of screening, becoming one of the most widely used mill products. SBM people seize the opportunity to meet the challenges and continue to promote technological innovation, research and development of HGM three rows of medium-speed powder mill, to achieve a safe, efficient, clean and harmonious unity.

New is the soul of a nation, is a decisive factor in the development and growth of enterprises. Mining machinery mill has gone through the extensive development stage of relying on the advantage of cheap labor and sacing the environment. In line with the development trend of international low-carbon economy, the milling machine industry is actively exploring the development path of energy saving and environmental protection. Who can master the leading technology, who will be able to grasp the market, SBM people will uphold this innovative concept, to the international first-class enterprises forward!

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