Frequent problems in the smashing process2019-10-08 16:59:28

Summary:The hardness of the material is too large. In this case, the inner cavity of the grinder should be selected. (2) The equipment is operated at a high pulverizing pressure for a long time, and this situation requires periodic replacement of the lossy parts..

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Frequent problems in the smashing process

Common faults of the mill and how to deal with it?

For milling equipment, different types of milling parts are called different models, each of which can benefit different customers in production, because different types of milling machines process milling at the same time. Different materials, then the materials are different, that is to say, the production capacity is different, of course, the product quality may be different, then the particle size and output of the materials produced by these different types of mills also have a related impact, resulting in customers The investment is not proportional to the return.


SBM machine operation has caused serious wear and tear on industrial stone mill accessories. In the grinding operation, the parts that are in direct contact with the material such as the blade, the grinding roller, the grinding ring, etc., will inevitably form different degrees of wear during SBM work. Once these accessories are worn out, it will not only reduce the grinding efficiency, but also affect the quality of the finished product. In view of this situation, we must do a good job of regular maintenance and replacement of consumables to better ensure the rapid and high-quality operation of industrial stone mills, and the deformation of industrial stone mill parts. With the high-strength grinding process of the industrial stone mill, the size and shape of the parts are easily changed under the action of large friction and impact, and generally there are elastic deformation and plastic deformation. If the parts are severely deformed, it will affect the normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the quality of the parts of the equipment and to perform the corresponding maintenance work. Second, the industrial stone mill accessories are broken. In the milling operation, the fitting first elastically deforms under the external force load, and if the stress caused by the load exceeds the elastic limit and continues to increase, plastic deformation is likely to occur, and the fracture occurs when the rear stress exceeds the strength limit. . Therefore, in the grinding operation, we must prohibit the equipment from overloading. Third, the industrial stone mill accessories are damaged. Due to the different ingredients contained in the materials ground by the industrial stone mill, coupled with the cyclic contact stress, the parts are prone to rust or pitting. In view of this situation, we must purchase equipment with strong corrosion resistance, and do the corresponding anti-corrosion and anti-rust work for the industrial stone mill.

When using the ultra-fine grinding machine, in addition to paying attention to the adjustment problem of the grinding roller, we must also pay attention to the maintenance problem of the component during the work, only the maintenance of the component can reduce the failure in production. Improve the production efficiency of the mill.

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